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Discover the leading tech companies in Milton that are driving innovation and shaping the future. From startups to established enterprises, explore the diverse array of businesses contributing to our vibrant tech ecosystem.
  • Hiveway

    Your Highway to Simplified Payments

    Hiveway helps clients overcome hurdles in their payment processes through seamless integration between financial systems and automated workflows, leading to streamlined transactions and enhanced revenue opportunities.

  • Evolution Data

    IOT Solutions Simplfied

    A Canadian based services provider specializing in iOT data, hardware, mobile security and consulting.

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  • Ecosystem Informatics (ESI)

    Make Smart Air Quality Decisions

    Intelligent, Cost-effective Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Management Solution to Enable Real-time Environmental Decision Making for Climate ActionEmissions TrackingRegulatory ConcernsHealth & Safety

  • 2RC Software

    Affordable Software Solutions For Businesses

    • Websites + Hosting
    • Software Development
    • Speech-to-Text
  • Ultimate Renewable Technologies

    Our Mission is to support and enhance Net-Zero Strategies to reduce environmental impact. We strive to create a sustainable lifestyle for all individuals, families and communities, by enabling the ability to harness clean Solar Energy and power essential living needs.

  • FastDoc

    Automate and summarize Jira data into tailored project documents, leveraging advanced AI to keep teams and customers aligned

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