Milton Future Forum – Shaping the Future of Business and Technology

Welcome to the Milton Future Forum, an exclusive series of events designed to bring our business community together with key political leaders to discuss the future of business and technology in Milton. This is your chance to engage with decision-makers, gain valuable insights, and be a part of shaping our town’s growth and innovation.

The Events:

1. National Perspectives on Business and Technology

Engage in a conversation with a member of our federal government. Discover the national initiatives that will impact the future of business and technology in Milton and learn about the policies driving these changes.

2. Provincial Insights and Opportunities

Join a dialogue with a representative from our provincial government. Understand how provincial policies will affect our local business landscape and explore upcoming opportunities in technology and innovation.

3. Municipal Vision for Milton

Hear from our town’s mayor about strategic plans and infrastructure projects. Learn how Milton aims to become a hub for technological advancements and what this means for your business.

Why Attend?

Exclusive Access: Gain firsthand information from top political leaders on policy and strategic initiatives.

Direct Interaction: Ask questions and provide feedback directly to the decision-makers shaping our future.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow business leaders and innovators in the community.

Strategic Insights: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the future landscape of business and technology in Milton.

This event series is invitation-only due to the high-profile nature of our speakers, ensuring a focused and impactful discussion environment.

Stay Tuned!

We’re currently gauging interest from the business community. If you’re passionate about the future of business and technology in Milton, keep an eye out for more details on how you can be part of this pivotal series.

Sign up for updates and express your interest emailing Mike Shoss!

Be a part of the conversation. Be a part of the future.

Milton Future Forum – Where Business Meets Innovation