Understanding Our Audience

At Milton Innovation, we're proud of our diverse and dynamic community. Here's a snapshot of our group's demographic profile:

Job Categories

  • 60% Small Business Owners: Actively engaged in various industries, primarily focused on innovation and growth.
  • 20% Tech Professionals Seeking Local Opportunities: Skilled individuals looking for tech roles closer to home.
  • 15% Tech Professionals Not Seeking Employment: Committed to their current roles, interested in networking and community events.
  • 5% Non-Tech Individuals Interested in Innovation: Enthusiasts eager to learn and engage with the tech community.

Geographical Distribution

  • 75% Milton: Our core audience, deeply rooted in the local community.
  • 12% Halton Region: A significant presence from the surrounding area.
  • 8% Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Expanding reach within the broader tech landscape.
  • 5% Other: Inclusive of participants from various locations, adding to the diversity.

Gender Breakdown

  • 73% Male: A strong male presence within our community.
  • 23% Female: An evolving, growing female participation.
  • 4% Other: Inclusive of non-binary and gender-diverse individuals.

Embracing Diversity

As Milton Innovation continues to grow, we're committed to nurturing a more balanced and inclusive environment, reflective of the wider tech industry.


** Last Updated on Dec 15th, based on in-person community turnout

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